Our English Language Center holds private English courses in our Unviersity. We share classrooms, methodology and in many cases professors.

In addition to the University professors, we have a group of specialized professors with whom we have worked with since the center opened. They are all highly qualitified and hold a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate.

Our center works differently from other English centers which have pre-established hours for classes. When we recieve a student´s application they first take the language exam. Then they may choose from the following two options:

1. Private Tutoring

If a student opts for private tutoring, we will hold an interview in order to determine their learning style and level so that we can assign the most appropriate professor for them. They can take classes at our Unversity or a location of their convenience with no additional cost.

2. Group Courses

If a student opts for a Group Course, they will join a group according to their level and schedule. If no previously established group is convenient for them, we will try to open a new one with at least four students.


Private Tutoring (1 student) 35 € / Hour
Private Course (2 students) 25 € / Hour
Private Course (3 students) 17 € / Hour
Group Course (More than 4 students) 60 € / Monthly


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