Our sucess stems from the American method, which is based on practical exercises that improve the comprehension of the theory.

We believe that to successfully learn English the professors must be creative  in the development of the class content and activities.  Our professors  are highly invested in their classes, which has led to our positive results.

Our professors provide a personalized treatment of the students, whether they are in individual or group classes. We believe in following each student´s progress because we understand that not everyone learns in the same way or at the same rate.

You will learn English using different topics of interest including history, art, culture, current events, cooking and more. This way you will learn in a practical and entertaining way.

At the ELC, it´s about a new way of learning English. 

Now we retain:


Of what we hear.


Of what we read.


Of what we do.

Let´s work together to learn more.

There are already many students which have trusted us; because we are commited to your success.

The prestige of being a university

  • The students of our English classes are taught by the accredited and proven staff of professors of CIS, an American University. They are accostumed to teaching using our American method.
  • You will be able to enjoy our international academic environment and interact with people of different cultures. You will enjoy our university´s campus which has a library complete with learning materials for English, a computer room with the latest technologies, conference rooms and common rooms.

Why Choose Us?

  • Flexibility: When you want and where you want.
  • Creativity: Dynamic and interactive classes.
  • Motivation: Engage and inspire the student.
  • Prestige: We aren´t an Academy, we are a University.

Our Levels

Enrollment into any of our programs requires an interview with one of our professors who will be in charge of conducting a written and oral English exam in order to place the student in the correct level.

You will learn English at your own speed. In order to move up a course level, you have to pass the final exam of your course after having completed the required 80 hours of lecture. Each level consists of 2 courses of 40 lecture hours during 14-16 weeks from October to July.

LVL 5 - High Advanced: 100%

Reach a level similiar to a native speaker.

LVL 4 - Advanced: 80%

Speak and write with confidence.

*LVL 3 - Upper Intermediate: 60%

Speak fluently and understand easily.

LVL 2 - Intermediate: 40%

Use and understand frequently used phrases.

LVL 1 - Begginer: 20%

Understand the basics of the language.

* After completing this level the student will be prepared to score a high mark on the TOEFL exam.


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