This program was created to satisfy the particular needs of companies, depending on the sector their group of employees. It is a program designed to meet your company´s needs.

Every day,  the training of employees is more important, especially in English. Not only does it benefit the company by allowing their employees to acquire new skills but it also helps to improve the relationships between employees within the work environment. In the case of learning English, it has the additional benefit of increasing communication and teamwork skills.


Perfect your employee´s English for the a business environment, according to their level and the course desired.

Our department for companies

The department for companies of the ELC is dedicated exclusively to supporting the companies which use our services. Our principle objective is to provide support during the whole academic period from the initial visit to the company, in which we present our courses to the end of the classes.

We support the companies by assisting the selection process of the students, providing oral and written level exams at the company, assigning the most appropriate professor according to the neccesities of the company, and providing the classes.

Once the classes have begun, we have a follow up every month with the professors and students. We send a report to the company with the evaluation of each student as well as the students´evaluation of the professor.

We are always at the companies´disposition.

How to we improve our service?


Our rates depend on the type of course that the company selects. We will provide them with advice about what type of course their company best fits their needs and create a proposal which reflects these specific charaterists.

The prices which are listed below are estimations which depend on the number of lecture hours contracted and the location of the company. Once the company receives the budget proposal from the ELC it will be final and no extra charges will be added.

Classes Number of Students Number of Lecture Hours Price
Group Max. 12 TBD by the company 60 € / class / group
Private Tutoring 1 TBD by the company 35 € / class
Private Classes 2 TBD by the company 25 € / person / class
Private Classes 3 TBD by the company 17 € / person / class


Both the private classes as well as the group classes can be provided at the ELC center or at the company´s office.

We set a flat rate, which means the price will not change during the year. This is so that the company will not be charge differently due to a change in the number of students, higher or lower.

Tripartita Fundation

All of our courses are subsidized by the Tripartita Foundation.   The ELC department for companies helps them to obtain these subsidizes.

Another Way to Learn English

The perfect mix of fun and learning!

English or Spanish and Music:

The classes are offered for English or Spanish. They are given by professors who are also musicians. The language is studied using the lyrics of different songs of various types of music such as jazz, blues, pop, rock, etc.

This course is offered once a week during a complete academic year (Sep to June) or as a seminar. The seminar is 6 hours during one day with the objective of creating or strengthening relationships between co-workers while improving their language skills.

The classes can be given at our university or at your company.

The rates depend on whether the course is one day or continued during the academic year.

If you are a company interested in improving the English or Spanish of your employees, you can contact us and we will send you a quote based on your needs.

English or Spanish and Cooking:

The lesson will be held in the kitchen of a restaurant in the center of Madrid. The course is given by language professors who are also chefs. An English-Spanish glossary of cooking related terms will be distributed at the beginning of the class. The recipes to be learned along with the language will include a first and second course and dessert.  Once prepared, the participants will sit down to try their new creations over conversations in English or Spanish led by the professor.

This course can be taken during a trimester or as a one day course for special holiday events at your company such as a Christmas lunch, the end of the year party or any other celebration.

The prices will depend on if the course is one day or various days during an academic semester. Please contact us for further information.

English or Spanish and Wine:

This course, as the previous ones, has two options; however, in this case they are very different.

The first option is a wine tasting course in English or Spanish. This course can be held at our university or your company. It can be held as a day seminar or as various sessions during which each will be focused on the wine of a certain region in Spain. In order to take this course, the company only needs a conference room and people who are eager to learn.  We will provide the rest.

The second option is a day trip to a winery. All of the participants will be brought to a Spanish winery outside of Madrid and be given a English-Spanish dictionary with terms related to wine making for reference during the class. There will be a wine tasting session and a guided visit of the winery and the vineyards. Afterwards, lunch will be held during which the teacher will incorporate language learning. In the afternoon, an interactive lesson will be given related to wine before returning to Madrid.

The prices will depend on the type of course and the place in which it takes place.

Both courses are given by professors with knowledge of both winery and the language of instruction (English or Spanish).

If you are a company and want to try something new with your employees, try our wine and language course. We are sure your will enjoy it while learning a language and building relationships within your company.

Public Speaking in English Seminar:

This is our principle seminar! Everyone who has participated has rated it at least 9/10. If your company requires some employees to speak publically in English, or to give sales pitch in English or communicate in English as any part of their job, then this is the best seminar you can offer them.

This seminar is 6 hours focused on developing the ability to write speaches and present them effectively in order to give a good presentation in English. Specific aspects of social skills will be covered and how to put them into practice.

The seminar is given by Glen Glassman, an American and Professor of Communication of CIS. He is an expert in Communication and English language teaching.


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