At CIS University Endicott International, we are fully aware of the difficult situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, which is why we have implemented all possible measures recommended by the WHO, as well as those endorsed by local health authorities.

Additionally, applicants have the option of completing our admission process 100% online.

We would like to thank students, faculty, and staff for their efforts in terms of adapting to this new situation.

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Measures Taken

COVID -19 Recommendations

The “State of Alarm” has been lifted as of May 9th. Regional governments are currently determining the legal measures that will be applied to combat the pandemic going forward. Measures Madrid: See measures.

We are moving forward considering the possibility that there may be new restrictions during this academic year. Should additional restrictions be imposed, affected students will continue their studies virtually.

Our admission process is 100% online. Students can take the admission tests online.

If you cannot submit all required documents, please contact us at and we will evaluate your case on an individual basis.


We have implemented an admission process that can be done 100% online. Your safety is our priority, regardless of where you are, which is why you can apply online, including admissions tests and a personal interview. Our admissions team will be available by phone or email to answer any questions that you may have.

This depends on the government regulations in your home country, as well as those currently enacted in Spain regarding COVID-19 at the start of the academic year. International students are recommended to arrive in Madrid the week prior to classes beginning in order to settle in and attend orientation.

Yes. At CIS University Endicott International we have implemented a distance learning program intended for students who, for varying reasons, cannot travel to Madrid to attend on-campus classes. Students enrolled in this program will receive full support from teachers and staff via our virtual platform. Learn more about our distance learning program: DISTANCE LEARNING.