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CIS Endicott International – Madrid

CIS Endicott has committed themselves to academic models that are completely oriented towards the current labour market —flexible, adaptable and involved in a continuous enhancement process. These are some of the keys that the CIS Endicott proposes at its Madrid headquarters in the Salamanca district to present students with an alternative to the Spanish university education system.

Our facilities are accessible, central and safe for foreign students. At CIS Endicott you will find a wide range of academic options for your first two years of undergraduate studies: degrees in Communication, Business and Liberal Studies and connection with Endicott College (Boston, US) and other American universities in the USA and throughout Europe where you can complete your undergraduate and major studies. Or you can choose to study the whole degree (4 years) with us.

Degrees at CIS Endicott

As part of the American education system, we at CIS advocate for the flexibility allowed by the three main educational fields of the American university.

Therefore, CIS Endicott Madrid is structured into two or four years in which you study general education courses, as well as other courses based on the field of study that you have chosen:

  • Communication, encompassing students in radio, TV and film production; marketing, advertising and press.
  • Business, which is the most career-oriented field for the business world, including human resource management, retail, business management, etc.
  • Liberal Studies and International studies, which includes careers in the arts, sciences and humanities, allowing students to generate strong interrelationships between politics, sociology, art, history or literature

However, as you can see, and perhaps you already knew, the American education system allows for remarkable flexibility and double majors, meaning that during the first two years of your career, you will be able to:

  • Request and carry out mentorships with the teaching staff to safely choose your next steps
  • Access to mentoring and coaching programmes to help direct your future career
  • Join support programmes, such as the Math Lab, the Writing Lab or the Accounting Lab

At CIS Endicott Madrid, we believe that these are the three key points to understand why our University and the American education system have become a model for many other curricula.

If you want to know what makes us different, just keep reading!

What are the advantages of CIS Endicott?

At CIS we believe that the possibility of conducting mentoring and student support programmes together with the flexibility and educational structure of the American system are a good indicator of the system’s success.

The following article highlights four great advantages of our university for international studies:

1. Minimal risk of failure by mistake

As our students do not have to choose which career to pursue after finishing high school, but before the third year of university, it is very easy to guide the student and resolve all their doubts.

Likewise, students themselves are gradually being integrated into the university system and, through the core and elective subjects, they can see clearer what their main interests and concerns are.

2. Career changes and double major

Similarly, there is much less pressure to make mistakes, since with so many shared subjects in the first two years, and often between different degrees as well, it is relatively easy to re-orient your academic profile or to pursue a double major, a choice made by many students.

3. Work is daily (and practical)

At CIS we propose a more practical curriculum, as befits the American system, placing special emphasis in ensuring that the student understands the concept and can retain it, not that he or she memorizes it in the short term; in order to achieve this, a daily approach to work, perseverance and continuous evaluation of assignments throughout the course is very useful: a philosophy completely opposed to studying at the last minute and to exams as the only assessment method.

4. Being responsible for your own curriculum

American universities believe that it is the students who should organize and develop their own curriculum, based on their interests and with the help of a tutor and the other mentoring services mentioned above.

Thus, the student’s motivation and the achievement of short-term goals is much higher and the responsibility for the studies falls upon the main interested individuals. Naturally, all American universities have the same credit system, which is why, during your college years, your studies at CIS Endicott Madrid will serve as a bridge to Endicott College in Boston or other accredited American universities.

What are you waiting for? Join the University that is revolutionizing education in Madrid.