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CIS University supports The Donosti Cup 2021

CIS University is proud to support the Donosti Cup 2021. The Donosti Cup is the largest youth soccer tournament in southern Europe, and one of the largest in the world. 

This year took place in San Sebastián from 4th to 10 of July and it has been the seventh year. This International Veteran Football Tournament has already become one of the leading events on the national scene and brought together many teams from different nationalities.

After the cancellation of the tournament last summer, the participants faced the Donosti Cup 2021 with great enthusiasm and the challenge of giving the best experience in a safe way. 

CIS University and the Donosti Cup 2021

CIS University is an American University founded in 1981, whose ideology is based on humanistic and liberal principles. It offers university degrees and the possibility of studying in Madrid combining it with the best American campuses in the world.

CIS University offers various study abroad programs. We are a meeting point between people from all over the world. The academic and social integration that we offer prepares students for their future in an increasingly international, global community. 

CIS University and the Donosti Cup 2021 have joined forces to promote the scholarship plan and contribute to the academic and sports benefits of the tournament participants, who are in their last two years of Bachelor’s degree.

CIS University, the American university of Madrid, has been present at the 29th edition of the Donosti Cup 2021 offering scholarships for sports talent.

The values ​​promoted by the Donosti Cup are fully shared by CIS University and that is why the two institutions have collaborated in this edition by awarding a series of scholarships to students interested in developing their sports talent, combining it with university studies.

Scholarships CIS University offers

This CIS University initiative joins various agreements and actions that lead it to become one of the reference universities for high-performance athletes who want to combine their sports career with their American university studies. Its training model, based on the American educational system and focused on competencies, is based on a deep social commitment.

Through the different programs designed for high-performance athletes, CIS University makes available to students the necessary tools that allow them to achieve a full training, creating a hybrid model of university and sports development.

CIS University has awarded 12 scholarships to first and second year high school students who participated in the Donosti Cup thanks to the Elite Talent scholarship program that is committed to education and the values ​​of sport.

Elite Talent Scholarship from CIS University

One of the multiple scholarships CIS University gives is the Elite Talent. It is intended for those students who start or study an Undergraduate Program, have a good academic record and are high-performance athletes.

This scholarship is a joint of academic and sports and rewards academic excellence along with sports talent in whichever discipline is practiced by the student.

If you want to apply for the Elite Talent Scholarship, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 (or equivalent) and a High-Performance Sports Program certificate that recognizes you as an athlete of high-performance sports. You can get more info about the Scholarship here. 

CIS University’s Elite Soccer program

Besides the scholarships, CIS University offers the Elite Soccer program. This program offers you the opportunity to attend university in Spain while playing soccer at a professional level.  

The Elite Soccer University Program brings together higher education and high-performance soccer training.  It is designed for students from around the world who wish to pursue their studies at a reputable American University, while simultaneously participating in high-performance soccer training that is focused on the overall academic and professional athletic improvement of the student.  Sounds good, right?

This program runs for two periods from October to May of each academic year. Upon completion of the Program, you will have taken part in a high-performance soccer training program while honing your athletic abilities through participation in our unique program.  Take the chance to acquire new aptitudes and knowledge that will allow you to progress toward competing full-time on a professional level.  

You will receive a certificate in recognition of your participation in the program during the first two years prior to potentially transferring to any American college or university in the world to complete your final two years of undergraduate degree, or continue at CIS-Endicott international in Madrid if you are majoring in Business Management. See more details about the program on this page

See you on the sports fields

At CIS University we strongly believe that athletic activities are an important aspect of ensuring holistic education by offering students unique opportunities to be challenged as they learn, grow, and achieve excellence. 

So, if you love sports, want to get fit or just like to meet new people, come join us today!