“Mindfulness” as a support tool for the University student.

Today we have gathered a large part of the students of our University in the International Institute at 12H to attend the conference “Mindfulness: La ciencia y el arte de saber vivir”, given by the prestigious Dr. Mario Alonso Puig organized by our University , for the integration of mindfulness in the formation of our students.

María Díaz de la Cebosa, president of CIS Endicott International, is committed to a new concept of university education: “A society that is somewhat convulsive in a situation of profound change needs a University that seeks to respond in different areas of knowledge” Today’s students are very stimulated and therefore, in addition to the subjects of each branch of education, we must train students in other techniques that help the student to focus, concentrate and in this way to achieve their academics objectives successfully.

This conference is the starting point of this new project that the University undertakes this 2018 course.