Create Business Club

Create Business Club
Yesterday, a networking event for young entrepreneurs Create Business Club took place at CIS, a brilliant initiative of two of our students, Jorge Branger and Jacobo Carmona, who in this first meeting presented Create TAKE OFF!, especially dedicated to social media.

The young entrepreneurs told about their projects, experiences, and talked about their companies and aspirations: Lola Pérez de Castro, Desde Cero; Charles Benet, our student, who told us about Depixs, the social network that he set up not so long ago; Diego García, Impex; Oscar Gómez, Mad Waffle; Jorge Branger & Jacobo Carmona, Fluence Spain.

Next, Marck & Marcus, influencer and university professor, gave an interesting talk about etiquette and etiquette standards on social networks, netiquette,

The question and answer session continued for some of the most renowned influencers (who have more than 500,000 followers in networks): @Wildhater, @Rianlii, @Telmotrenado, @MarcosChamizo.