Risks – Entrepreneurship in Video Games

Risks – Entrepreneurship in Video Games

Conference-colloquium on The risks of Entrepreneurship in Video Games.

A lecture-colloquium on The Risks of Entrepreneurship in Video Games will be held next Monday 30 October at 6:00 pm at CIS, The College for International Studies.

We will have 4 speakers from different areas with the aim of providing a complementary and interesting vision on this subject.


Carlos Garcia Luis Quintans Dutilh Abogados Daniel Parente
Demium Games Badland Games                               Hydra Interactive


During the round table, a new  CIS Master in Entrepreneurship in Video Games will also be presented.  This is an innovative program focused on transmitting knowledge about the video game industry and its various business models, providing  support during the program  to the students in creating their business / start-up plan

The session can be followed through streaming on youtube and on twitter through the hashtag #MGVMEmprende.

The language of the conference will be Spanish.

Those interested in attending can REGISTER HERE