Convenio Fundación Brains

International Studies Foundation has signed a collaboration agreement with the Brains Foundation in order to establish joint lines of work between the two institutions in the field of innovation in education. Through this agreement, Ms. Maria Diaz de la Cebosa joins the Advisory Board of the Brains Foundation, in which other institutions such as  Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, Asociación Española para la Calidad and  Telefónica Educación Digital participate.

Depending on their nature and objectives, the members of the Foundation Council are called to play an important role in the development of knowledge in the field of education. This is reflected in their desire to exchange experiences and cooperation in national and international projects.

Since 2015, the International Studies Foundation has imparted the Speak Truth to Power program to Colegio Brains students, which has meant the embryo for the signing of the collaboration agreement between the two institutions.