CIS Students at Endicott College

CIS Students at Endicott College

Visit to CIS students at Endicott

Mary McCarthy, Dean of Students at CIS, Francisco Ubierna, Academic dean at CIS, and Lola Aznar from corporate communications and admissions all made the trump out to Endicott College (our academic partner) in Beverly, MA last week for a bit of hard work, as well as to visit former CIS students who are finishing up their degrees at Endicott.  In addition to seeing them all over the campus, in the dining halls, we even had a pizza party in which they all participated, as well as Endicott student who did a study abroad semester at CIS Madrid.


We were told that their experiences were of great importance to them both personally and academically.  The campus surprised all of them in a good way, both the facilities and the general atmosphere on campus.  They also told us that they are very happy with the student dormitories which are located directly on campus, which allows them close access to their classrooms, and their friends.  They also seemed fond of the fact that students come from many varying backgrounds.

Some of the students even described their current situation as “living the dream.”


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