Leisure Game Day

Leisure Game Day
Our very first CIS Leisure Game Day of 2016-2017 took place yesterday afternoon.  The games began at at 4:00 pm and consisted of: Ping -Pong, Darts, Mus (Spanish card game), and Playstation.  Participants played through the afternoon and into the early evening.  The winners were:


Jefferey Ducasse

PlayStation FIFA:

Fausto González


Ignacio del Barrrio


Juan Bosco Morenés y Jaime García-Yanes


The mood in the classrooms, which were temporarily converted into game rooms, was one of excitement, fun, competitiveness, but always exceedingly sportsmanlike.

Thank you all so much to those who participated — without you, there would have certainly been no game day or winners.  And of course, congratulations to our winners!  Next week during one of our daily breaks, we intend to hold a ceremony to award prizes.

We look forward to your participation the next time around — but until then back to concentrating on your studies!  Midterms are just around the corner.