The 5th Graduation at CIS

The 5th Graduation at CIS

On Friday, 27th we had our 5th graduation ceremony in the gardens of the horse riding Club de Campo. It was a great afternoon for everyone. The ceremony included speeches by Lieutenant Colonel D. Angel Moreno, who compared discipline, teamwork and dedication to the army to the field of education. Lieutenant Colonel knows our institution very well and told the students, “your academic development will stay with you for the rest of your life.”

Also, the student who was choosen to represent the graduating class, Gonzalo Mestre, gave a speech in which he encouraged his fellow classmates about their futures. Finally, Jorge Juárez, an ex-student of CIS, provided an example to our students of how he was able to build his own innovative business thanks to his education, dedication and entrepreneur spirit.

We also had to say good bye to our professor Erick Baum, who retired this year. He will be missed by everyone at CIS. This year´s class has been the most photographed of the last 5 years, due to the good atmosphere, laughter and friendship which was obvious between everyone. During this year´s cocktail, we gave out prizes for titles such as best athlete, the nicest, the best classmate, and the most distracted. It was really fun!

We hope that each year our graduation ceremonies will be better since this important event marks the beginning of a new stage in their livings in which we will always be supporting them.


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