Tristan Alvarez-Pickman on his experience. CIS-Chicago

Tristan Alvarez-Pickman on his experience. CIS-Chicago

“My name is Tristan Alvarez-Pickman. I graduated from CIS on June 2011. I am the youngest of three brothers, and we have all been CIS students.

The first thing I want to tell all of those who are interested in pursuing an American education is that CIS is the ideal place to start. During the two years I spent at CIS I learned a lot. I met great friends and great teachers (both American and Spanish). Most of the time, we do not appreciate the opportunity that CIS offers….but I have to say that thanks to CIS I am happily living and working in Chicago for Morgan Stanley. When I finished my two years at CIS, I realized that with a half way decent GPA I could apply to hundreds of universities in the US.

All of my friends went to Boston, New York and Miami. I Instead, went to Chicago without knowing anyone there. I wanted to go outside my comfort zone” I immerse myself totally in the American Way of Life. (When in Rome do as the Romans do.)

Chicago is a great city, the third richest in the US, with little Spanish population, and is the financial epicenter of the US Mid-West. Both the night life (which we Spaniards like so much) is very good and I have not been let down.

Not too long ago I graduated from DePaul University. I have to say that it has been a hard two years, as I have learned to establish both my personal and professional priorities.

My recommendations to anyone who is interested in attending CIS are these:

  •  Finish your projects and work before you go out with friends; you’ll see you will enjoy things much more.
  •  Strive for the highest GPA possible, and make sure it is never under 3.0.
  •  Choose well the university you want to go to, not just for the prestige it may have, but also according to your personal priorities.
  •  Once in America, do your best to get to know the maximum number of people possible.
  • You know networking is very important when looking for a job.

Detail is what gets a job and keeps a job.

My regards to all Alumni and AA of the CIS World.”


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