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American University in Madrid: study abroad

Chances are that you are thinking about studying abroad, maybe in an American University in Madrid. At CIS we know that studying abroad is one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences that a student can take on. While the prospect of leaving your comfort zone to live and study in a new environment is daunting, our students who undertake a study abroad experience return with broader horizons and a fresh take on their degree program.

Why Study at an American University in Madrid? 

Among the large variety of opportunities Spain offers its students, there is also the option of pursuing an accredited American degree, entirely in English, while living in sunny Spain. An American degree enjoys worldwide recognition and prestige, which can be one of its most significant benefits. The American higher education system is well structured and well-funded. Being present in Spain means many local and international students can enjoy the prestige of attending an American university full-time while residing in Spain.

Many students are interested in the American universities in Spain which offer an excellent education based on the American higher education system. Matching this with the culture, sports, academic and social opportunities that Spain provides, they get the ideal environment to pursue their qualifications. 

Spain has hundreds of great universities, ready to be at the forefront of their students’ needs. Whether the universities are public, private, national, or international, they all have one thing in common: to provide students with an environment where they can grow.

Advantages you’ll have if studying at an American University in Madrid

Attending an American university in Spain is a perfect opportunity for students who want to continue living somewhere in Europe, while also being part of the American higher education system. 

Living in Madrid while studying at an American university has many advantages. Find some of them listed below: 

  • Save money. The cost of living in Madrid is more affordable than in the US. You will get to receive your American qualifications, while also saving money on day-to-day expenses.
  • Learn Spanish. If you study and live in Madrid, you will find yourself more exposed to Spanish language. This way, you will have a variety of opportunities to practice Spanish on your day-to-day life and, soon enough, even speak it fluently.
  • Enjoy the Spanish culture. Spain has a beautiful culture. People in Spain love to live life to the very fullest and appreciate the beauty all around them. The outstanding cuisine, the fantastic architecture, the interesting customs and traditions…Spain is simply beautiful.
  • Plenty of Sunshine. On average, Spain receives somewhere around 300 days of sunshine each year, which means that lovers of the sun can find themselves quite happy in this country. Whether you want to go to the beach, play some golf or simply stroll around the city, sunshine will likely be there to accompany you.

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We dare you to study abroad in Madrid.

Not only is Madrid the capital city of Spain, it’s also the heart of the country. Located in the center of Spain, Madrid is a great starting point to explore this gorgeously diverse country.

Take your Spanish language abilities to the next level inside and outside the classroom. Whether you add a part-time internship or courses at a local university to your Madrid study abroad experience, you can open doors of opportunity to meet local professionals, students, and professors.

You can walk around the Plaza Mayor, visit the city’s many churches and cathedrals, enjoy the sunshine in one of Madrid’s many parks, see a flamenco show, watch a Real Madrid soccer game, taste the city’s unique cuisine, and always see something new. 

Study abroad with CIS

CIS Study Abroad provides unique experiences based on learning programs, allowing students to tailor their academic and cultural experiences and this way achieving their goals during their time in Spain.

CIS Endicott offers Year, Semester and Summer Programs that include cultural activities, day trips and excursions in Spain. Internships and volunteering are also available and include a classroom and practical component.

All students are provided with a week orientation. The objective is to break down culture barriers, to overcome fears concerning language skills and to integrate all students into the international university atmosphere. 

CIS University also provides cultural activities and many excursions so students can take full advantage of all the many, diverse opportunities Spain provides.

By connecting formal and informal learning, the CIS program takes advantage of its surroundings to give a complete cultural immersion. This will lead to the development of personal, intercultural and language skills. 

Student support is of absolute importance to the study abroad program and CIS Endicott staff is dedicated to provide opportunities for students in order to take advantage of the vast cultural offerings of Madrid, to make local friends, travel and integrate into the Spanish culture in the best way possible.

Studying abroad in an American university in Madrid may be a decision that it’s not easy to make. But if you are looking for new experiences while taking your degree, CIS Study Abroad it’s the right university program. Join us today!