This non-profit association’s primary objectives include fostering closer ties of unity and friendship amongst CIS university alumni within a framework of cultural, recreational and professional activities, in the spirit of partnership. An Alumni Department has been specifically created to coordinate these collaborations. This office works towards making these objectives a reality.


  • Maintain contact between CIS and it’s alumni to ensure their involvement in the social and professional activities of the College.
  • Foster networking for professional and social relations amongst alumni
  • Inform and promote life-long learning of all the ongoing academic, cultural, social and investigation activities at CIS.
  • Provide former students with ever better services
  • Spread the spirit and values of CIS

How to become a member

  • Signing- up is totally free.
  • All former students of CIS or those enrolled in their final year of studies at CIS who are interested in the association’s objectives can become members.
  • Becoming a member however is not granted automatically for merely being enrolled in CIS.
  • Registration can be done by entering the website. Under the section Registration Form, send an email to: alumni@cis-spain.com or contact the Alumni Department at:  91-563-6740.
  • All new members are then assigned a password to access the private Alumni zone in order to begin to enjoy the exclusive services geared towards Alumni.