Cultural Activities

Society and culture are two concepts intimately linked together. It is society which creates culture and, at the same time, culture perpetuates society.

The Alumni department intends to organize and promote different artistic and cultural activities. We wish to gain personal and cultural enrichment without, of course, forgetting to have a good time sharing experiences with friends and acquaintances.

We are going to organize CULTURAL TRIPS in Spain and abroad, as well as one day TRIPS to visit places near and around Madrid. We are also planning to organize guided tours to TEMPORAY SHOWS organized by such museums as the Prado, the Thyssen, etc. and Foundations such as La Ciaxa, March or Mapfre. Since they will be small groups, participants will have the chance to enjoy the art, listening to the words of an expert guide.



Reencounter meetings

The main purpose of these meetings is to bring Alumni together to reminisce and share past and present experiences.

The idea is to organize class reunions, usually at the request of Alumni, so they can meet again after many years, reestablishing relationships among themselves and with CIS.

Get in touch with us and we will help you organize a reencounter meeting of your class at CIS.


Gourmet Club

Within the cultural activities promoted by the CIS Alumni department, we offer you a new reason to reencounter, the Gourmet Club, in which you can have a good time with old and/or new friends.

We hope this initiative is well received by all who love good wine and food.

We intend to periodically propose the following offers:

  • Wine tasting
  • Oil tasting
  • Gin and Tonic tasting
  • Wine pairing dinners
  • Cooking classes; new and old recipes
  • Tapas contests

We will also open up a section where you can publish your recipes and using the recipe finder discover new recipes.

Access the Alumni recipe section

These activities will be organized for small groups and information will be posted on our website. These proposals will be repeated over time depending on how well they are received.

We encourage you to participate!


Professional Encounters

These activities, with a marked professional character, will be organized on formats such as PROFESSIONAL BREAKFASTS, CONFERENCES, TALKS or SEMINARS, among others. The idea is to, besides sharing, updating or learning, to facilitate NETWORKING among students.

Actividades Deportivas

The regular and measured practice of sports contributes to physical and mental health as well as to help adopt healthy life styles, reducing risk factors that may affect our wellbeing. Sports attract the interest of society. Through its practice one can learn how to live together and acquire values and fundamental rules, both about society as a whole and about small groups. These activities are intended to promote exercise as well as relationships among our Alumni.

We will periodically organize golf, paddle, tennis and soccer tournaments. Get in touch with us and let us know your preferences.