2022–2023 Academic Year

Associate Degree & Bachelor's Degree Programs

FALL 2022 SPRING 2023 SUMMER 2023
Application fee  (1)
Enrollment fees (2)
(per academic course)

Enrollment fees Elite Soccer

University Program (2)
(per academic course)


Full time students (3)


Full time students

Elite Soccer Program (3)

No credits (3)
12-15 credits
12-15 credits
6 credits
Books and materials
(Full time students)
Part time students (4)

Additional credits (5)


Special Insurance (Soccer Program)

(per academic course)


(1) Application Fee

This fee should be paid when new students are applying for enrollment.

It is only paid once when you are beginning the application process. The application fee is non-refundable.

(2) Enrollment Fees

The Academic Enrollment fee (Fall/Spring: €1,300 and Summer: €650) is non-refundable. The Elite Soccer Program Enrollment fee (€1,000) would be refundable if finally, the student does not enroll in the Elite Soccer University Program.

  • New students: Please pay within 10 days following the date of receipt of your letter of acceptance.
  • Upcoming courses: Please pay in the month of July prior to the start of the corresponding course.

Summer enrollment fees apply to students who only enroll in the summer semester of the current academic year.

Students cannot start the Elite Soccer University Program in the Summer Session.

(3) The total amount of each academic semester shall be determined by the number of credits the student is currently studying: (Fall: 12–15 credits / Spring: 12–15 credits / Summer: 6–7 credits).

A “full-time student” means a student enrolled in the total credits for the Fall and Spring semesters (12–15 credits) during the academic year.

(4) A “part-time student” means a student who is not studying the total number of credits corresponding to the academic semester in which they are enrolled (for Fall/Spring semesters, less than 12 credits, while for the Summer Course, less than 6 credits).

Students who are enrolled in a lower number of credits (for Fall/Spring, less than 12 credits, while for the Summer Course, less than 6 credits) will pay the amount per credit established for “part-time students”.

(5) Additional credits: Students who enroll in more than 15 credits (Fall/Spring) or 6 credits (Summer) will pay, in addition to the amount established for full-time students, the amount quoted for each additional credit.

Internships constitute additional credits if they study all the subjects corresponding to the academic year (for Fall and Spring semesters, 15 credits, while for the Summer Course, 6 credits).

Some subjects offered may include activities outside the classroom, which will be invoiced as an additional item.

To help complete the study program or fulfil the academic curriculum, smaller classes (Independent Study) may sometimes be offered in (a) particular subject(s), which will be invoiced separately depending on the number of students enrolled in the extra subject.

Other services/activities



(12 sessions)

€240 - €250 (approximate)
Depending on the service
Graduation fee

International (non-EU) student assessment

€181.50 (approximate)

TUTORIALS: Personalized tutorials may be provided to students who require it, as a complement to their university classes and tutorials. For more information, click here.

COACHING: Coaching is a support service inherent to CIS University. We offer it to full-time students to help them improve their academic performance and life experience during their studies through personalized coaching processes. For more information, click here.

TOEFL EXAM (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an English exam that measures the student’s linguistic skills in understanding and using the language. It is an international certificate.

CIS University is an examination center. Students pay ETS TOEFL directly by credit card.

INTERNATIONAL (NON-EU) STUDENT ASSESSMENT: Obtaining your Spanish Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE): Fingerprinting process to obtain your TIE card. Does not include taxes. The price includes any phone or email consultation.

Other services (not included in the price quoted) are also available:

  • Obtaining a Spanish student’s residence permit (from Spain): Initial study visa.
  • Obtaining an EU registration certificate.
  • Extending your student’s residence permit.
  • Re-entry permits.

Payment options

Advance payment of course

Payment must be made before the academic year begins

Fall (12-15 credits)

Before July 25th prior to start of academic year.
Spring (12-15 credits)

(6 credits)

Total academic year
€20,085 *

* 3% discount applied to academic fees (advance payment of semester option).

This reduced price will be applied only to payments made prior to the date given.

Advance payment of semester

Payment must be made prior to the start of each academic period (Fall, Spring and Summer).

(12-15 credits)


Before September 15th.

(12-15 credits)


Before January 15th.

(6 credits)


Before May 15th.

* 4% discount applied to academic fees (monthly payment option).

This reduced price will be applied only to payments made prior to the date given. Payments made after this date will be the same amount as the monthly payment option.

Monthly payment

You pay in 10 monthly payments (from September to June)

This payment method is not available for international students, especially those who are required to have a visa.

Fall Semester
(12-15 credits)

SEPT / €2,423 (*)
OCT / €2,059
NOV / €2,059

DEC / €2,059

Spring Semester
(12-15 credits)

JAN / €2,423 (*)
FEB / €2,059
MAR / €2,059

APR / €2,059

Summer semester
(6 credits)

MAY / €2,143 (*)
JUNE / €1,925

The amounts marked (*) include book costs for the total academic period.

Payment Method

Economic conditions

Enrollment fees (per academic year): 

The student’s effective enrollment is subject to full completion of the application process, fulfilment of the academic requirements set by CIS University, and payment of the enrollment fees, guaranteeing the student’s enrollment.

If the student is not effectively enrolled, due to causes beyond CIS University’s control, this shall not justify refund of the enrollment fees, which shall be held in concept of damages. The enrollment fees will be valid if the student decides to enroll in the course following the one to which they initially applied.

Since payment of the enrollment fees is for the total cost of the academic year, it will not be deducted from any subsequent payment.

When enrolling, students must complete a service provision contract in which they designate the person responsible for payments.

Books and materials

The amount quoted includes the total for books and materials, as well as 360 pages printed at the University, per student and academic year. 

Additional printing quotas (5 euros) can be purchased through the IT Operations Office (fernando.wegner@cis-spain.com). 

International students (visa application)

Students who require a visa may request an enrollment certificate (lola.aznar@cis-spain.com) after paying the enrollment fee and the corresponding semester fee.

Bad debt and financial blocking policy

Non-attendance at the center for any reason, during the semester in which the student is enrolled, does not exempt the student from the obligation to pay the amount corresponding to that period. Verifiable force majeure causes are excluded.

Students with outstanding payments (tuition fees, books and materials, accommodation, etc.) will receive an email notification from the University, informing them that failure to make such payment may affect their enrollment.

Students with outstanding payments (two months or more) will have their enrollment (or housing assignment) cancelled unless they have agreed to a specific payment plan with the University’s Finance Department.

Likewise, those students who have pending payments cannot enroll in a new academic year, unless they have a payment plan approved by CIS University’s Financial Department.

If payment is made by direct debit, non-payment of invoices will incur a surcharge (return charges) of which the student will be notified. Accumulation of two or more unpaid invoices will result in automatic de-enrollment from CIS University until the situation is regularized. 

The University shall not be held responsible for the blocking of the Thinkwave system as a result of non-payment.

Discounts and financing


Applicable discounts on tuition fees are as set out below:

Children of alumni: 5%

It shall be applied during the entire period that the student remains at the center.

Siblings concurrently studying at CIS: 5%

It shall be applied from the second student onward during the period that siblings are enrolled simultaneously.

These discounts are compatible with any scholarship option, applied to the net amount of fees (after discount of the scholarship awarded).


So as to facilitate payment from our students, here we provide information on bank financing. For any consultation you should talk directly to the banking entity.


A Scholarship Program exists for all students who fulfil the established requirements.

Scholarships are awarded subject to the funds available in the Scholarship Fund at any given time.

Only full-time students may receive the scholarship. If a full-time student studies fewer credits during Summer Semester, the scholarship will be awarded proportionally to the number of credits studied.

Refund policy

The refund policy is applied exclusively to CIS University students. Students on Study Abroad programs should contact their own program directors.

Students’ subject choices will be confirmed at the end of the first week of class (add/drop period). No changes are allowed beyond this period.

If, after dropping courses in the add/drop period, the number of subjects is less than the number of credits established for each academic semester (Fall and Spring, 12 credits; Summer, 6 credits), a corresponding adjustment and refund will be made.

Any student who officially drops (a) subject(s), after the first week of classes, up until the eighth week, will receive a grade of “W” (dropout) in the subject. No payment refund will be made for such subject(s).

In the event a student completely drops out from CIS University, after official notifying the Academic Department (mary.mccarthy@cis-spain.com), the following refund policy is applicable:



Week prior to course start
Week the course starts
Second week after course start
Third week after course start
Fourth week after course start and onward


Week prior to course start
Week the course starts
Second week after course start and onward

(*) This date is adjusted to each year’s academic calendar

There is no refund of amounts corresponding to programmed activities, associated to courses.

Pay the admission fee