Facing the labor market in a competitive way is becoming more and more complicated. That is why we offer you the opportunity to not only learn English but you can use it for any job position that you seek, or in the case of being a student, any foreign university that you want to opt for.

We are an official TOEFL exam center (Test of English as a Foreign Language). It is a very broad exam that measures the level of English language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing).

It is an internationally recognized exam and is mandatory to be admitted in the different programs in the universities of the United States in addition to many other English-speaking universities. Many companies in Spain and internationally, require this examination as part of the curriculum.

If you are a student and wish to continue your studies in educational entities of the United States or other English-speaking countries, or you are a professional and you need to have TOEFL results as part of your professional resume, we offer you the possibility to do it with us.

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