The faculty at CIS combines a passion for teaching with significant experience in doing so, which allows us to create an academic and professional classroom environment that encourages an organic exchange of opinions, and inspires critical thinking.

  • "The 'American Higher Education System' is demanding for students, especially in terms of their participation: significant daily coursework, considerable direct participation in class, few sessions that primarily focus exclusively on lecturing and note taking, a general avoidance of memorization of information that will almost invariably be soon forgotten, continuous evaluation, more practical application of concepts than exams...the faculty at CIS is equally focused on achieving necessary academic goals in a challenging system, while simultaneously motivating students."  
    Mary McCarthy
    Mary McCarthyCIS Dean of Students
  • "The faculty at CIS merges teaching experience with professional experience, which allows us to bring the knowledge necessary to develop an excellent conceptual framework into the classroom, which consequently adequately prepares students for the professional environment in which they will soon find themselves after graduation.  The many nationalities of our professors guarantee the intercultural richness demanded by our international students."
    Francisco Ubierna
    Francisco UbiernaCIS Academic Dean