Elite Tennis University


Elite Tennis University Program offers students the opportunity of pursuing their career at an American University in Madrid, Spain (CIS-Endicott International) while at the same time training and competing at the highest level.

The Elite Tennis University Program is the only program in Spain combining American studies and a personalized high-performance tennis program.

The program is designed for students from all around the world who wish to pursue their career in Madrid in one of the most prestigious universities in Spain (CIS Endicott International) and improve their tennis skills with the objective of competing at the highest level and apply for scholarships in USA.

This program allows students-athletes to combine studies and tennis so they can be more focus.

The Elite Tennis University Program is divided in two periods. The first 2 years (Associate Degree) and the last 2 years (Bachelor’s degree).

Upon completion of their first 2 years, students can apply and transfer to any American university in the world or they can continue their studies in CIS Endicott International where they would graduate with a 4-year Bachelor’s degree.

University Program

Participating students study for an Associate’s Degree (official undergraduate degree in the US) in either BusinessCommunication, or Liberal Studies.

Upon completion of their first two years in Madrid, students can:

  • Finish their four-year Bachelor’s Degree at CIS-Endicott Madrid majoring in Bussiness Management or Marketing Communications.
  • Finish their studies atEndicott College in Massachusetts
  • Transfer to any American university or college in the world where they will then obtain their four-year Bachelor’s Degree in the area of their choosing (Sports Management, International Relations, Marketing/Communication, Liberal Studies, etc)

Tennis Program

The program offers a 360 high performance training program with daily training sessions led by coaches with official Royal Spanish Football Federation (or UEFA) qualifications, at one of the best sports facilities in Madrid.

The High-Performance Tennis aspect of the program is managed by official, professional coaches from the RFET (Royal Spanish Tennis Federation), the FTM (Madrid Tennis Federation), and the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association).

The program will feature:

  • High-performance daily training sessions.
  • Participation in competitions and tournaments with professional leagues in Madrid.
  • Advice and management of sports and academic curriculum to facilitate the application process for sports scholarships in the US.


Elite Tennis University Program mission and objectives:

  • To offer the best possible high-performance athletic experience with tennis as a focus – modeled after the Spanish method.
  • To provide 360 high level training focusing on the overall skills of the player.
  • To give students the ability to complete their university studies in Madrid at an American university.
  • To provide student athletes with a clear path to improving their game, which in turn gives them the option of pursuing an athletic career and possible scholarships in order to continue their studies in the US.
  • To help build the foundation and structure upon which student athletes can fully develop their tennis skills while creating a standout athletic portfolio.

What is included?


  • Associate degree and/or Bachelor’s Degree in the following areas: Business, Communication, or Liberal Studies.


  • High-performance training in tennis, by top-level trainers (Physiotherapists, medical professionals, nutritionists, personal trainers, sports psychologists, etc.)
  • Player registration with the Madrid Tennis Federation.
  • Competition scheduling and calendar provided.
  • Constant evaluation and monitoring.
  • Access to tryouts with Spanish tennis clubs.
  • Creation of a sports portfolio (including recommendation letters, highlight videos, team participation certificates, etc.)
  • Health insurance


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