CISThe College for International Studies, an American University founded in 1981, is situated in the very heart of Madrid in one of the loveliest parts of the city.  Our building is easily accessible, and in an extremely safe area.  We take great pride in offering European students an American higher education closer to home just as much as we do in offering Americans precisely what they are used to, only in Spain.

CIS - A Way of Life. CIS - A Way of Life.

CIS – Is an uncommonly tight-knit learning community, which is often described as “like a big family.”  Administrators and professors do everything they can to ensure that our students are comfortable as we guide them through what will ultimately be one of the biggest events of their lives in an exceedingly international setting — in many cases in a foreign country.  Every member of our staff and faculty at CIS have lived and studied abroad, so we understand the needs of our non-Spanish students who make Madrid their temporary home, as well as the needs of our Spanish students who will ultimately finish up their Bachelor’s Degree elsewhere.

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