William Timothy Schutz

William Timothy Schutz

Office hours: by appointment.

  • Professor for Critical Reading and Writing
  • Candidate to Doctor of Arts, Higher Education/Community College, George Mason University
  • Master degree in Arts, California State University
  • Bachelor degree in Arts, California Polytechnic State University

Areas of Interest and Research

  • Critical reading and Writing
  • English Language

Short Biography

Professor Schutz, with more than 20 years of experience, graduated from the “California Polytechnic State University”. He has an excellent proficiency in teaching and training. He has attended various conferences all over the United States and he has gained international experience through the years by working in multicultural environments. The integration of affective domain concerns into his work for student development has made him, among other things, excellent in his field.

Professor Schutz is currently part of the CIS faculty and a teacher of Critical Reading and Writing at CIS.