Sharon Morrissey

Sharon Morrissey

English Language and Literature Department


Office Hours: by Appointment

  • Professor of English as a Second Language
  • Joint Honors Degree in English and History, Cork University, Ireland
  • RSA Diploma in Language Teaching, Cambridge University, UK

Areas of Interest and Research

  • Teaching strategies with EFL learners.
  • Dealing with ADHD in the classroom.

Short Biography

Professor Morrissey is an experienced professional educator who has been teaching English Language and Business English to undergraduate students at the College for International Studies for ten years.  In the past decade, she has given conferences on “How to use of Teaching Assistants in the Bilingual Classroom” and attended in bilingual congresses. Moreover, she has attended teacher training programs specializing in students with Attention Deficit Disorder ADD. Apart from teaching at the College, she also organizes summer programs for children using theatre as a medium for learning English.  Prior to teaching at the university level, she worked in Primary Education.