Guillermo Reher

Guillermo Reher


Office hours: by appointment

  • Professor of : Cultural Introduction to Spain, Introduction to International Studies, The New Europe
  • Completing PhD in Ancient History (expected 2016);
  • Master’s Degree in Ancient History
  • Bachelor’s Degree in History



Areas of Interest and Research

  • Archaeology
  • Cultural Heritage
  • History, policy and social processes
  • Knowledge transfer
  • International networking


Short biography

Professor Reher has a long history within the world of scientific research. From data gathering and mining, project management, publications and dissemination, he has been active in various interdisciplinary research projects since 1997.

Since 2014 he is applying this experience in the world of university teaching, always concerned with providing students with the intellectual and practical skills necessary to become competitive professionals and inquisitive citizens.

As a university professor, he has worked both in the European system (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and in the US system (Endicott College, College for International Studies, Accent International).

He has also combined his management and international experience with higher education, as a program manager and coordinator, and secretary of international conferences.


Scientific publications

I have participated in the edition of 3 books, and I am the author of 9 book chapters and proceedings, 7 journal articles, 4 books and technical documents, and 3 reviews in international journals. I have participated in 18 conference presentations, some of which have been individually at international meetings. Below is a selection of my main publications:

  • Orejas, A. & Reher, G. (2010) “LANDMARKS. A Project based on transnational and interdisciplinary scientific co-operation”, in J.H.F. Bloemers et alii (eds.) The Cultural Landscape & Heritage Paradox. Protection and Development of the Dutch Archaeological-Historical Landscape and its European Dimension. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam: 545-555.
  • Reher, G. (2011) “The ‘Introduction to Ethnicity Syndrome’ in Proto-Historical Archaeology”, in T. Moore & X. L. Armada (eds.) Atlantic Europe in the First Millennium BC. Crossing the Divide. Oxford University Press, Oxford: 656-667.
  • Reher, G. et alii (2012) “Configuring the landscape: Roman mining in the conventus Asturum (NW Hispania)”, in S. Kluiving & E. Guttmann-Bond (eds.) Landscape Archaeology between Art and Science. From a Multi- to an Interdisciplinary Approach. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam: 127-136.
  • Orejas, A. & Reher, G. (2012) “Landscape Archaeology: Science, Heritage and Sustainability”, in J. M. Feria (ed.) Territorial Heritage and Development. CRC Press, Leiden: 35-53.
  • Libbrecht, H. et alii (2013) “Heritage and identities”, in R. Stiles et alii (eds.) Antalya’s Landscape. LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2012; Le:Notre III: 93-144.
  • López-Merino, L. et alii (2014) “Reconstructing the impact of human activities in a NW Iberian Roman mining landscape for the last 2500 years”, Journal of Archaeological Science 50: 208-218.
  • Reher, G. & M. Fernández-Götz (2015) “Archaeological narratives in ethnicity studies”, Archeologické rozhledy 67 (3): 400-416.