Carlos Salas

Carlos Salas

Office hours: by appointment

  • Professor of “Media and Culture I & II”
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, UNED.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Areas of interest and research

  • Communication and visual thinking
  • Neuroscience
  • Mass media
  • Digital Journalism
  • Foreign Affairs and economy
  • Philosophy

Short biography

Professor Salas is a journalist and a communications and public relations profesional with an extensive experience of over 30 years. Nowadays, he is working as a media consultant at various private corporations such as Telefónica, Repsol or Greenpeace; and he is also working as a contributor and columnist for El Mundo, or ABC. Apart from developing his career as journalist and media consultant, he also teaches communication at different institutions such as Universidad Complutense, Universidad Europea the business schools EAE y CESMA, among others.

He has been working and directing different newspapers and digital news sites, both as reporter and editor in the fields of Foreign affairs, Business and Economy. Among the most distinguished, you can find El Mundo, Actualidad Económica, lainformació or El Economista.

He currently teaches Media and Culture I & II at CIS – Endicott International.


  • Salas, C. Storytelling (in print, it will be released in summer 2017).
  • Salas, C. Cómo Hablar y Presentar en Público: Consejos Que Funcionan Desde el Primer Minuto. Editorial: Mirada Mágica. Madrid.
  • De Prado, F., Salas, C. and Salas, D. La Tumba Perdida de Cervantes. Editorial: Mirada Mágica. Madrid.
  • Salas, C. Trucos para escribir mejor. Editorial: Mirada Mágica. Madrid.
  • Salas, C. Las once verdades de la Comunicación. Editorial: Lid. Madrid.
  • Salas, C. La Crisis Explicada a sus Víctimas. Editorial: ALTERA. Madrid.
  • Salas, C. Manual para escribir como un periodista. Editorial: ALTERA. Madrid.