Strategic Media Planning

Course No:                  CMM 312

Course Title:               Strategic Media Planning

Credits:                       3


Catalog Description


Students learn the planning process used to develop a marketing campaign. Utilizing research and data, students develop effective marketing planning. After studying case studies of realworld strategic marketing and media plans, students develop, present, and defend their own strategic marketing and media plans based on specific marketing objectives. The course emphasizes creative problem solving with hands-on group work that simulates a real-world work environment.


Learning Outcomes


At the end of this course the student should be able to:

  • Synthesize secondary research on media and audience
  • Use research to inform strategic decisions for planning marketing initiatives (such as use of Google Analytics and Twitter impressions to help determine a target audience and their reactions)
  • Identify the best resources for planning for rapidly changing digital and traditional media
  • Strategically plan a combination of different integrated marketing communication tools needed to deliver a marketing message to an intended audience
  • Research, develop, write, and present strategic marketing plans
  • Research, develop, write, and present media plans
  • Effectively develop, present, and defend decision making and recommendations
  • Persuade an audience through effective visual and verbal presentation


Required Readings


  • Godin, Seth. (2012). All Marketers Are Liars. Portfolio.
  • Wu, Tim. (2017). The Attention Merchants. Vintage.