Senior Thesis II

Course No.:                        CMM 490

Course Title:                      Senior Thesis II

Credits:                                3

Catalog Description

Developing the concept explored in Senior Thesis I, students will investigate a topic related to business, in which they have a particular interest. The outcomes of the project are a scholarly paper and presentation.  Prerequisite: Senior Thesis I.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  1. Thoroughly investigate a problem or issue which confronts the business researcher and has relevancy to personal experience or goals.  A successful Senior Thesis II research project will include:
    • Identification of a topic that is relevant to the business discipline studied
    • Examination of theoretical and historical research related to the topic (literature review)
    • Development of the identified critical issue and research question that is based on review of literature, research collected, and personal involvement with topic
    • Design and execution of empirical research to collect ‘real world’ data that can be analyzed in relation to research question
    • Synthesis of research into conclusions and recommendations for action as a business professional.
  2. Effectively communicate in a formal paper the critical issue and research question along with research findings, conclusions and recommendation(s).
  3. A successful Senior Thesis II written paper will include:
    • Grammar and syntax: Sentence and paragraph structure must be comprehensive and organized.  Grammar, spelling, tenses, and punctuation must be free from errors
    • Content: All content must be coherent and must contain logical development of ideas with concrete and relevant supporting evidence. Such evidence must be cited properly. No generalizations or conclusions can be made without said evidence

Required Reading

A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker, 7th edition (WR)