Course No: BUS 489     

Course Title: Senior Thesis I

Credits:  3


Catalog Description

Senior Thesis I is the first phase of a two-semester thesis sequence through which students lay the groundwork in an area of interest for the original work they are expected to undertake in Senior Thesis II.  Students refine their topics, review and synthesize literature related to their areas of focus, conduct research, and develop research proposals or plans for creative projects.  The final course outcomes consist of both a literature review and a Senior Thesis II project proposal.  Note: Students completing Senior Thesis I at a distance must meet the requirements as outlined in the Catalog and seek the permission of their school dean.  Prerequisites: BUS370, BUS480 (as a prerequisite or corequisite), and senior class status or permission of instructor.


Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify, define, and provide context around a problem worthy of research; including industry analysis and situation analysis of internship organization.
  • Identify and describe generic business problems.
  • Develop the literature review.
    • Identify, read, paraphrase, quote, and summarize sources.
    • Evaluate and critique source materials.
    • Find agreement and contradictions in the literature.
    • Identify key frameworks.
    • Organize their reasoning through outlining and thesis writing.


Required Readings

  • A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker, 7th edition (WR)