Course No: ECN 201

Course Title: Macroeconomics

Credits: 3

Pre-requisites: none


Catalog Description:         

Examines macroeconomic concepts, from a national and global view, of economic systems, economic growth and investment, production possibilities, demand and supply, national income accounting, money and banking, monetary and fiscal policy, the Federal Reserve, and international trade and finance.


Learning Outcomes:

Students will acquire:

  • Understanding of how market economies function and the roles that the private and public sectors play in modern economies.
  • Knowledge of the importance of business cycles and economic rates of growth.
  • Ability to evaluate political and economic viewpoints and developments.
  • Proficiency in developing, understanding and communicating personal economic views in a competent and knowledgeable manner.


Required Readings:

Booklet based on Samuelson, P.A.& Nordhaus, W.D., “Economics”, 19th edition, McGraw-Hill, International Edition, 2005.