Course No: INT 200       

Course Title: Internship

Credits:  2


Catalog Description

A 120-hour internship experience. Planning and assignments are discussed with the instructor and Internship coordinator at the start of the internship experience. The internship is exploratory and experientially based.


Course Objetives

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Produce a professional CV/resume in both English and Spanish.
  • Work independently in a professional work environment.
  • Set three professional learning goals for your internship.
  • Evaluate the site, environment, and surroundings of your internship location.
  • Comment on the Professional’s Perspective of a person working at your internship location.
  • Comment on the Organizational and Individual Behavior at your internship location.
  • Comment on transferring and applying learning from your classes to your professional work.
  • Evaluate the degree in which you have achieved your three goals for the internship.