Human Resource Management

Course No: BUS 305    

Course Title: Human Resource Management

Credits:  3


Catalog Description

This course examines employee-employer relationships in the work place today. Policy areas covered are: job design, recruiting, employee selection, placement, job training and career development, performance evaluation, compensation strategies, incentives and benefits. There is also discussion of current economic situations as they impact the work place today, including labor/management relations.


Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course the student should be able to:

  • Explain how the effective management of human resources contributes to the success of an organization
  • Summarize current trends in the workforce and in changing business practices and explain how they impact the management of human resources
  • List the major federal and state laws that regulate the management of human resources and explain how they impact the day to day management of employees
  • Summarize the steps involved in job design and job description preparation
  • Explain how to successfully interview, recruit and select employees.
  • Describe how training and development programs impact both individual employee success and organizational performance.
  • Discuss the various methods organizations use to evaluate and improve employee performance
  • Describe how organizations retain and motivate employees.
  • Summarize and explain the basic principles of compensation and benefits administration.



Required Readings

  • Text: The Corner Office, Adam Bryant. SHRM Academic Initiatives. Harvard Business
  • Review. (Case Studies as assigned). Additional required readings as assigned in class.