Global Marketing Management

Course Number: BUS 350

Course Title: Global Marketing Management

Course Credits: 3

Pre-requisites: BUS 200 or an introductory marketing class/permission


Catalog Description:

This course will focus on the unique problems associated with managing marketing operations across national borders. Topics include: the impact of culture on the global marketing environment; how to identify global market opportunities for an existing enterprise or a new venture; how to apply industry analysis; assessment of risk and new customer identification techniques in an international context; and how to develop and implement effective comprehensive marketing strategies on a global scale. Working individually and in groups, we will analyze markets and countries, and apply knowledge to develop marketing solutions.

This course will also concentrate on the problems associated with conducting business in a foreign market; beginning with start-up operations, continuing with new market entry considerations, and concluding with the international issues confronting giant global marketers.

As an advanced level marketing course, this course builds on your existing knowledge of marketing.


Learning Objectives:

At the completion of this course the students should be able to:

  • To acquire the basic knowledge, concepts, tools, and international terminology necessary to understand international marketing opportunities and problems
  • To understand how companies adjust their international strategies based on the global environmental changes (e.g., globalization)
  • To build skills and respect toward the understanding of cultures of nations by critically analyzing the social, political, legal, technological, regulatory, and economic forces that affect the business performance of international marketing
  • To develop international marketing strategies and plans to launch a product or service in other foreign markets
  • To understand the different challenges in logistics and distribution that a company faces when marketing products overseas
  • To become a corporate global citizens capable of adjusting to a global marketplace

Required Reading:

Svend Hollensen, Global Marketing, 6th Edition; PEARSON, Financial Times. ISBN-13:978-0273773160 ; ISBN-10: 027377316X


Additional Resources:

Cateora, P.; Graham, J. International Marketing. 16th ed. McGraw-Hill/ Irwin. International Edition 2014.

Malcolm McDonald and Hugh Wilson, Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them, 11th Ed.   ISBN-10: 0470669977 | ISBN-13: 978-0470669976