Course No: BUS 210

Course Title: Financial Management

Prerequisites: ACC 175 – Financial Accounting (and preferably ACC 185 – Managerial Accounting)

Credits: 3


Catalog Description:
An introduction to finance including organization, taxes, capital markets, the commercial banking system, interest rates, financial analysis, financial forecasting, working capital management, marketable securities, accounts receivables, inventories, and short term credit markets. Students will use financial computers and/or software applications to apply concepts.


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Use financial analysis in business decision making.
  • Apply time value of money for asset valuation.
  • Make proper Capital Investment decisions.
  • Know how to manage Working Capital.


Required Reading: 

Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W. Westerfield, and Bradford D. Jordan, Essentials of Corporate Finance, 7th edition (International Edition). McGraw Hill, 2011.