Course Number: PHL 104

Course Title: ETHICS

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: None


Course Description

What is a good life? What factors should shape the ethical decisions we make? And how do ethics relate to artistic, intellectual, and social aspects of our lives? This course studies and debates classical and modern ethical theories, through philosophical and literary texts. It then brings these theories into conversation with a range of contemporary ethical issues, from punishment to medical ethics to the environment.


Learning Outcomes

This course will introduce the student to some of the most significant ways of thinking about ethics. At the completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Ask certain questions about how one ought to live, who we should be, and what we should do- both generally, and in certain applied situations.
  2. See how film, art, and literature can be significant resources as we think about ethical and moral issues.
  3. Develop critical reading and thinking skills through engagement with classical and contemporary ethical texts.
  4. Converse and reflect on ethical and philosophical issues.
  5. Achieve better self-expression and clarity in writing.
  6. Become sensitive to ethical issues in business.


Required Text

Velasquez, M.G. (2012). Business Ethics: Concepts and Cases. New Jersey; Prentice Hall.