Environmental Issues

Course No.: ENV 150
Course Title: Environmental Issues
Credits: 3

Catalog Description:

Environmental changes and consequences that accompany anthropogenic development and industrialization are discussed. Students actively participate in a chronological and systematic investigation of the connections and relationships between ecological systems, energy, raw materials, Western industrialization, environmental degradation, and third world population. The content of the course ultimately serves to establish an historical reference point that allows for analysis of current environmental status and national policy. Satisfies the Science and Technology General Education requirement.


Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify, understand, and properly apply the terminology associated with environmental issues.
  2. Explain the basic science behind environmental issues, and how changes in science lead to discovery of environmental problems and development of remediation strategies.
  3. Discuss the major environmental challenges of the 21st century from historical, political, and scientific perspectives. The course does not claim any advocacy on environmental issues, and therefore, places an expectation on the student to develop their own position through a rigorous examination of the data and sources specific to the topic.
  4. Articulate a position on an environmental subject/problem through research and synthesis and express this position in a written context (exams and term papers).