English as a Second Language II

Course No: ESL 089      

Course Title: English as a Second Language (ESL) II

Credits:  3


Catalog Description

This course is intended for students whose skills indicate an intermediate level of English-language proficiency and aims to develop their language skills, preparing them for academic interactions and work using English. At this level of their ESL learning, students need exposure to a steady input of new language structures and knowledge in order to build on the progress they have made up until now and to learn how to confidently use newly learned structures. This course gives equal importance to listening skills, speaking and pronunciation, and grammar and vocabulary. It puts as much emphasis on consolidating and practising previously learned structures as on learning new language structures. Students are assessed on their learning using progress tests, speaking and listening practice activities, and writing activities. This course complements the Elements of Writing II course (that students will also take) through speaking and listening activities that reinforce and pre-empt the language and structures that will be necessary to compose the writing assignments for the latter subject.


Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this course a student will:

  • Apply their knowledge of how to use the grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary covered in class by completing progress tests, and by participating in discussions and other speaking activities
  • Consolidate the grammar and lexis covered by composing five writing assignments, incorporating the relevant elements
  • Develop their speaking skills by participating in discussions and debates (in pairs and groups) and by individually giving their opinions during speaking exercises
  • Develop their listening skills by practising listening for detail and listening for gist.