Cultural Introduction to Spain

Course No.: SP 205

Course Title: Cultural Introduction to Spain

Credits: 3


Catalog Description:

This course will address the diverse reality of Spain today by paying special attention to how current reality has been shaped by historical processes. Both the reality today and the history behind it will be brought to life through field trips, in-class presentations and lectures.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • identify the overall phases of the history of Spain
  • recognize the historical roots and present reality of Spain’s identity issues
  • know the prime contributions of past civilizations and actions to today’s cultural heritage
  • understand current social and political reality in Spain
  • be acquainted with the geography of Spain
  • become intimately acquainted with the social and cultural reality of Spain today by interviewing Spanish people and asking them their opinions (to be presented in class by the end of the semester).
  • practice the preparation and execution of cultural itineraries


Required Readings:

The following references are recommended as they cover comprehensively most of the contents of the class:

  • Carr, Raymond, ed. (2001): Spain: A History. Oxford and NY: Oxford University Press.
  • Hooper, John (2006): The New Spaniards (2nd ed.). London: Penguin.