Business Fundamentals Methods

Course No: BUS120       

Course Title: Business Fundamentals

Credits:  3


Catalog Description

Half of a two-semester integrative interdisciplinary course (with BUS 121) focusing on the interdependencies in business while providing a foundation for advanced study and a framework for defining internship and career direction. Readings, exercises and team assignments are used to develop the analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills required for business success.


Learning outcomes

“Business Fundamentals” is a two semester course sequence for first-year business students. It is designed to provide preparation for the practical and academic challenges students will face over the course of their academic and professional careers in business and strategic management with particular emphasis on:

  • The development of analytical reading and critical thinking skills.
  • The development of effective written and oral communication skills.
  • The development of quantitative competencies needed for business decision making.
  • The development of skill in using spreadsheet technology to perform quantitative analysis, including how to create and interpret graphs, charts and tables to aid in problem solving.
  • The development of interpersonal and team collaboration abilities.


Covered Topics

This course covers four modules:

  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Financial Statement Modeling


Students are expected to read, analyze, write essays, do group case studies presentations, and participate in class discussions in each of the above sections.


Required Readings


Ake, M. (2010-11). Business Fundamentals. Endicott College School of Business.

Ake, M. (2010-11). Business Fundamentals Excel Handbook.

Additional material: Students will received complementary material by email.