American Literature II

Course No: ENG 204

Course Title: American Literature II

Credits:  3


Catalog Description

American Literature II covers important literary trends from the end of the Civil War to the turn of the twentieth century; the modern period from 1910 to 1945; and the contemporary period from 1945 to the present.  The course emphasizes the ongoing American preoccupation with multiculturalism by considering the ways in which American culture both reflects and is shaped by its literature.  Satisfies the Literary Perspectives General Education requirement.

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of this course a student will:

  • Identify and discuss the issues, conflicts, preoccupations, and themes of American literature (assessed by tests and papers)
  • Display a working knowledge of the historical and cultural contexts of American literature (assessed by presentation).
  • Develop methodological tools that are required in research and writing components across the curriculum, and, more broadly, in professional life (assessed by final paper).
  • Demonstrate understanding of the application of in-depth and reflective practices in critical thinking and writing (assessed by student journals).
  • Students should demonstrate the ability to undertake independent tasks showing initiative, creativity and responsibility (assessed by presentations and papers).


Required Readings

Course Reading Packet

Brautigan, R., & Gaiman, N. (n.d.). Trout Fishing in America. United Kingdom: Canongate Books.