Advertising Fundamentals

Course Number: CMM 103

Course Title: Advertising Fundamentals

Credits: 3


Course Description

An introductory course on the basic principles and practices of advertising. The focus will be on the history and effects of advertising on society and culture. This course will also explore how to plan and implement advertising programs through effective research, strategic planning, segmenting target audiences, creative copywriting and design, and understanding media planning and buying.


Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the methods and techniques of advertising.
  • Communicate ideas and concepts about the social impact of advertising.
  • Identify, compare and contrast advertising types, styles and objectives.
  • Explore ethical considerations in the promotion or products, services and ideas.


At the completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Understand how advertising fits into the marketing mix.
  2. Distinguish the relative strengths and weaknesses of advertising and various media.
  3. Undertake research projects in advertising.
  4. Understand the challenges of web advertising.


Required Readings

  • Lane, King, and Russell. Kleppner’s Advertising Procedure, (16th Ed.), Pearson Education, 2005.
  • Moriarty, Mitchell, and Wells. Advertising and IMC, (9th Ed.), Pearson Education, 2013.