Tuition Fees


*ACADEMIC YEAR 2017 – 2018*

Tuition Fees may be updated each academic year.

Application Fee

> APPLICATION FEES: 90 € (Non-Refundable)

(Required with the application form)

Enrollment Rates

FALL / SPRING 1.300 € (Non-Refundable)
SUMMER 650 € (Non-Refundable)

* When attending our summer sessions.


FALL 2017: 7.324 € 12 – 15 Credits
SPRING 2018: 7.324 € 12 – 15 Credits
SUMMER 2018: 3.424 € 6 Credits


FALL 2016: 325 €
SPRING 2017: 325 €
SUMMER 2017: 194 €


Payment for the FALL SEMESTER is due in July, for the SPRING SEMESTER in December and for the SUMMER SESSION in May.

Payment Method

> BANK TRANSFER: Once admitted, please contact Mrs. MARTA FERNANDEZ-BORJA, FINANCE OFFICER, for Bank Details. Phone +34 (91) 5636740. (


Academic Support Fee

*ACADEMIC SUPPORT FEE: 1.300 € (non refundable).

  • NEW STUDENTS need to send us a non refundable Tuition Deposit of 1300 € within 10 days of acceptance.
  • SECOND AND THIRD YEAR STUDENTS should send this deposit during the month of July of the Academic Year. 
  • The admission of a student depends on the student’s formal acceptance. This will be granted once the student has completed both the academic and economic requirements of the admission procedures.
  • If, after acceptance, the student decides not to enroll at CIS this amount will not be refunded.
  • Once this step has been completed, the student will be formally enrolled and should see the Dean of Students to register for classes.

Tuition and Fees Payment:

  • The total amount for each Academic Semester (Fall/Spring/Summer) should be paid in full. The amount will depend on the number of credits that the student registers for each semester.
  • The course “Internships” carries credits.
  • Payments for each period must be made even if the student does not attend classes during the semester.
  • Students will not be permitted to attend classes if all payments have not been made.
  • All the fees must be paid in full within the 15 days before the beginning of classes.
  • Transfer and graduation fees will be billed independently.
  • If there is a delay in payment there will be a 10% surcharge. 

Refund Policy

Courses are confirmed at the end of the first week of class. No changes or refunds will be allowed after the first week. The students who drop a subject(s) after the first week and before the end of the 8th week will receive a “W” (official withdrawal). No refunds will be given if the student decides to withdraw.