The International Studies Foundation has established a Scholarship program for students admitted to the CIS – The College for International Studies. The main purpose of the program is to facilitate access to the best United States university education.

The scholarships are granted primarily on the basis of academic merit and can be full or partial.

Foundation grants are open to students of any nationality. Each year, the Foundation offers a limited number of scholarships for CIS’ undergraduate programs. Since the scholarship selection process is highly competitive, it is important that you submit the Scholarship Request form as soon as possible.

There are three types of scholarships:

  1. President’s Scholarship, granted to students of exceptional academic merit, at the discretion of the President.
  2. Academic Scholarship (up to 50% of tuition fees), granted to students of academic merit who maintain a high grade point average.
  3. Work Scholarship (up to 25% of tuition fees), 5-1 O hours work per week at CIS – The College for International Studies.

To be eligible for a Scholarship it is necessary to:

  • Apply to CIS – The College for International Studies.
  • Complete the Scholarship Request form.
  • Write a short essay (500 words), in English or Spanish, explaining what you expect to achieve under a U.S. style college education.


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