Liberal Studies

By taking Liberal Studies courses throughout the arts, humanities, science and math, and social sciences, students are able to explore a wide range of liberal arts subjects, discovering the powerful connections among fields like politics, literature, science, sociology, art, and history. Exposure to multiple areas of study provides Liberal Studies courses with a broad knowledge base and enhanced critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.

Internships is an integral part of the curriculum. Through experience in industry, students learn how to prepare for their professions. Possible internships include art galleries, museums, hotels and art and events management companies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the content of liberal arts disciplines.
  2. Communicate effectively in written form within the conventions of individual liberal arts disciplines or in work that is interdisciplinary.
  3. Articulate the connections and distinctions between and among liberal arts disciplines, and their contemporary relevance.
  4. Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse in various disciplines.
  5. Understand the relationship between liberal studies and career opportunities through business practices.

Liberal Studies is a 65-credit program consisting of courses in the areas of business and humanities.

The program offers students general requirements, as well as elective courses that coincide with students’ interests, which students themselves can choose together with the Dean of Students.  In order to successfully complete the program, students must also take part in a two-credit internship program.

Upon the successful completion of two years in Madrid, students finish their Bachelor’s Degree either at Endicott College, or any other American college or university.

Program of Study

Curriculum Requirements

Total Credits Required: 65

General Education Core Requirements (6 credits)

  • ENG 111 Critical Reading & Writing I – 3 cr. +info
  • ENG 112 Critical Reading & Writing II- 3 cr. +info

Individual and Society (3 credits)

  • PSY 100 Psychology 3 cr. +info

Global Issues (3 credits)

  • International Studies Course 3 cr. +info

Literary Perspectives (3 credits)

  • ENG 102 Introduction to Literature 3 cr. +info

Values and Ethical Reasoning (3 credits)

  • PHL 104 Ethics 3 cr. +info

Aesthetic Awareness and Creative Expression (3 credits)

  • ART 102 Visual Art and Cultural Values II 3 cr. +info

Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)

  • One Math Course 3 cr. +info

Science and Technology (3 credits)

  • ENV 150 Environmental Issues 3 cr. +info

World Cultures (3 credits)

  • One World Culture Course 3 cr. +info

Free Electives (21 credits)

  • ENG 103 Speech 3 cr. +info
  • Six Approved Elective Course 18 cr. +info

Concentration Requirements (12 credits)

  • Two courses each in two areas of concentration 12 cr. +info


  • INT 200 Internship II 2 cr. +info

Total Degree Requirements (in first 2 years) – 65 cr.


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