CIS offers an American Bachelor’s Degree programs in Business Administration, Communication, and Liberal Studies.

Students can complete the four-year program in Madrid in International Business, or complete two years in Madrid, and then two years at Endicott College– or any other American college or university, for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communication, or Liberal Studies.

The four-year program in Madrid offers students the possibility of completing their American degree without leaving Spain in an international environment surrounded by students, faculty, and staff who come from a multitude of countries and education systems.

The opportunity to study in Madrid and at Endicott College allows students to study in Madrid for two years while becoming acclimated to the American system within a fully international environment in order to thereafter complete the final two years of their degree either at Endicott College, or any other American college or university in Europe, or the world.  This combination helps students become better integrated into the academic system, and contributes to overall academic success.

Upon completion of two years in Madrid, students can choose to continue at Endicott College in Beverly, MA.  Endicott College is our academic partner and this option requires minimal paperwork.

Likewise, CIS offers students the possibility of deciding at which college or university he or she wishes to complete his or her Bachelor’s Degree.  Even the most prestigious American schools in the US, Europe, or any other part of the world are within reach.

Examples of some of the better-known schools at which our students have graduated are as follows: Berkeley University of California, Boston College, Boston University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Miami, New York University, University of Southern California, Babson College, American University of Paris, and Richmond University of London.

There are many options in terms of location and available majors.  Furthermore, the American system is flexible, and students select courses from a broad academic catalogue.

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