Academic Partner: Endicott College

Since 1995, CIS- The College for International Studies has worked closely with our academic partner, Endicott College, a partnership that allows students enrolled in CIS to receive Endicott College credit. Every year, 40% of our full degree seeking students transfer to Endicott College’s campus in beautiful Beverly, Massachusetts to finish up the final two years of their Bachelor’s Degree.

Upon completing their first two years at CIS Madrid, students are offered the opportunity to apply for a transfer to any American university in the world to finish their degree, or they can transfer directly to Endicott College, as many of our students do.


Interesting Facts about Endicott: 

  • It was founded in 1939.
  • It is located 30 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • It has more than 2400 students every year.
  • It has a large American campus with its own beach, cafeterias, gyms, study rooms, dining halls, student residences, sports fields, stores and everything a student could need without leaving the campus. It´s like living in a small city.
  • The student lives the American University life and atmosphere.
  • It is a very safe campus for foreign students.
  • 63% of the students which apply are accepted.
  • Endicott is ranked 74 among universities in the northeast of the USA.



An overwhelming majority (95%) of CIS students who ultimately graduated from Endicott College tell us that the experience was both academically and personally enriching and that they would choose Endicott College again.



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