Visual Art and Cultural Values

Course No: ART 102

Course Title: Visual Art and Cultural values. From 1400 to present

Credits: 3


Catalog Description

This course examines the production of art from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries. Explores art from a variety of cultures and geographic regions. Introduces students to the conventional designations of stylistic periods, treats major works and artists of these eras, and acquaints the student with the traditional methods of Art History.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Relate an understanding of basic concepts of Art History to a wider understanding of the world and its cultures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and analyze selected paintings and masterpieces of great painters.
  • Confront individual styles and techniques of artists by comparing multiple artworks from different periods.
  • Examine themes and iconographies by seeing the way painters do with the representation of certain genres of universal value.


Required Reading:

Jiménez  Blanco, M.D: The Prado Guide. Ed. Museo del Prado. Madrid, 2008

Articles. Summaries